1.1. OnePlusOne will never pass any personal identifiable information to any other organisation or third party, unless we have obtained your explicit permission to do so, or are legally required to do so under the strict exemptions laid down in the Data Protection Act 1998, or through the following of new requirements such as GDPR.

1.2. We may use information that registered users supply to compile anonymous statistics and research.

1.3. Any personal data is access strictly by specific members of the OnePlusOne research team.  

1.4. Personal identifiable data is only referenced during the process of data. Any personal data will be anonymised for any and all published works.


2.1. Data is only processed and retained for legitimate interests of OnePlusOne. The data OnePlusOne collect is classed as scientific research according to the definition within the GDPR (Recital 159). The only exception to this is where you are requesting information from us, such as being added to a newsletter or making a product/service enquiry. In these events, we will use your email address to contact you ONLY regarding the appropriate matter. 

2.2. Occasionally we may also invite registered individuals and couples to take part in our research. Once again, participation is voluntary and we will always ensure the integrity of registered users privacy and desire for anonymity.


3.1. Because the data being collected is classed as scientific research according to the definition within the GDPR (Recital 159), data collected is not expected to be deleted within a set time period. However, if you should request that your account be deleted, the account will be deleted  within 72 hours and the data attached to that account will be held for 7 years (6 + current). Please see point 4 for more information on deletion.

3.2. Data will be minimised at the end of retention period, and then archived. Note: minimisation refers to the removal of data that could help identify a user, e.g. post code, email address. 


4.1. It’s your right to be forgotten. You can make the request verbally or in writing for your data to be deleted by emailing this address with the request: privacy@oneplusone.org.uk. In this event, your data will be deleted from view. Should you request your data, ask for data to be deleted, or ask for data not to be processed, a data controller representative from OnePlusOne will respond within 72 hours.

If you need to contact OnePlusOne about these Terms and Conditions or our Data Protection and Privacy Policy Statement, you may do so by e-mailing privacy@oneplusone.org.uk.